“Leading the Pack Managing Your Projects!”

If your goal is to FREE yourself from the day-to-day stuff it takes to run your business, so you can do the things you love and
are good at, we are here for YOU!



          Every business or individual professional needs organic
          and consistent social media visibility.  We can set up
          and manage your social media accounts.   We can
          provide scheduled postings, content writing if needed,
          graphic  images, audience engagement and reporting.




          We will create beautiful graphics for you to use.  These
          can be for your social media, for your website, for 
          workbooks, events, blog posts, email, etc.   We will 
          use the colors of your brand or whatever colors you 
          desire.  Creating is one of our favorite things to do!




          your website is the front door to your business.  It 
          needs to be current and needs constant updating. 
          AOI will update your website as needed, add pages
          and design changes to keep it looking stunning.  We 
          do this at a much lower price than high priced designers.




          Everyone gets disorganized at some point right?
          We can get your business organized, from your
          documents, to your systems, to your emails.
          AOI is here to streamline your business so it all
          runs smoothly and efficiently.



          We will create stunning emails and newsletters
          for you.  We can also do optin pages, web forms
          to connect your email program to your offers and
          deals.  This also included funnels needed to get
          your great services and products to your tribe.



          Are you in need of workbooks for your latest
          course?  Handouts for your retreats and events?
          Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) need to
          be set up for your business?  Contracts, forms,
          agreements?  We got you!


                                                                 The list above is not all we offer or that we can do for you.
                                                                 Our Team has so much to offer and our skill set is enormous.
                                                                 If you do not see what you need Contact Us to discuss your
                                                                 specific needs and we will find a way to accommodate you.

As a Dr. specializing in Medically Managed Weight loss for adults and children, I needed an administrative assistant to help with a variety of tasks and someone to develop my social media, create content and brand my business.   I was grateful to find Danna, who is dedicated and responsive, and keeps my administrative projects and social media moving forward.   Her quick responses to my requests keeps everything running smoothly.   Over time Danna has learned what my style and philosophy is, and her social media posts are honed to my brand.   She develops marketing materials for specific campaigns that are varied, and all have a professional appearance.   She has taken a great deal off of my plate so I can focus on caring for patients and developing my business.   She is  transparent about how she is spending her time, so I know exactly what I am paying for.   I would recommend Danna to anyone looking for a high end quality Virtual Assistant / Social Media Manager that can help them manage anything that is overwhelming them.

Abby Bleistein

Physician, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, President, Healthful Life MD, PLLC

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