Resources are needed for every business.  This is a list of tools that I use daily in my business and could not run it without them.



Teamwork – organization for my client projects, tasks and manages time for billing.

Hootsuite Pro – automates my business

Word Press – Houses my website, used for website design and gives me access to my clients websites to update them.

Go Daddy – Domains and has a great website builder to use for simple websites for clients.

PayPal – Used for all invoicing and payments.

Microsoft Office Suite  – Yearly Subscription – used for documents, email, newsletters

Photoshop and LightRoom – Used for image design and editing.

Crazy Kala – Used for branded image design.

PicMonkey Pro – Used for branded image design.

Canva – Used for branded image design.

Instamate and Gram Kosh – Used for Instagram posting from the computer and automation.

Jing – Used for screen shots and short tutorial videos.

Screencast-O-Matic – Used to make video tutorials.

Windows Movie Maker – Used to create and edit videos.

Google Docs and Dropbox – Used for document/image storage and to share documents with clients.

Skype and Zoom – Used for client and team meetings.

Asana – Used with specific clients for tasks and organization.




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