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Resources are needed for every business.  This is a list of tools that I use daily in my business and could not run it without them.



Teamwork – Organization for my client projects, tasks and manages time for billing.

Hootsuite, SocialBee and Buffer – Automates my business

Word Press – Houses my website, used for website design and gives me access to my clients websites to update them.

Go Daddy – Domains and has a great website builder to use for simple websites for clients.

PayPal – Used for all invoicing and payments.

Microsoft Office Suite  – Yearly Subscription – used for documents, email, newsletters

Photoshop and LightRoom – Used for image design and editing.

Relay That – Used for branded image design.

PicMonkey Pro – Used for branded image design.

Canva for Work – Used for branded image design.

Jing – Used for screen shots and short tutorial videos.

Screencast-O-Matic Pro – Used to make video tutorials.

Corel Video Studio – Used to create and edit videos.

Google Docs and Dropbox – Used for document/image storage and to share documents with clients.

Skype and Zoom – Used for client and team meetings.

Asana – Used with specific clients for tasks and organization.




As a Dr. specializing in Medically Managed Weight loss for adults and children, I needed an administrative assistant to help with a variety of tasks and someone to develop my social media, create content and brand my business.   I was grateful to find Danna, who is dedicated and responsive, and keeps my administrative projects and social media moving forward.   Her quick responses to my requests keeps everything running smoothly.   Over time Danna has learned what my style and philosophy is, and her social media posts are honed to my brand.   She develops marketing materials for specific campaigns that are varied, and all have a professional appearance.   She has taken a great deal off of my plate so I can focus on caring for patients and developing my business.   She is  transparent about how she is spending her time, so I know exactly what I am paying for.   I would recommend Danna to anyone looking for a high end quality Virtual Assistant / Social Media Manager that can help them manage anything that is overwhelming them.

Abby Bleistein

Physician, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, President, Healthful Life MD, PLLC

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