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I suddenly had several projects that were launching at once. Danna amazed me and so far exceeded my expectations. She jumped in with both feet. Not only did she get me totally organized as we only just started working together, she was so fast and efficient in getting my work load completed that I got caught up immediately and felt so confident that she had my back every step of the way. She created graphic landing pages, links, ads and email header pages for me instantly. I am so impressed by her work I would highly recommend her to assist you in organizing and implementing any area of your business you need an assistant for. 

Alecia Evans

Animal Communication Expert, MA, HDT, The Animal Heeler

I have been working with Danna since early in 2017.  From the beginning, Danna would jump in to help support my work goals.  She has been phenomenal with understanding my busy schedule as a Mom to 3 kids, while running my own business. She has held me accountable to my own goals, especially as they evolve into the bigger dream.  As a Personal Trainer and Empowerment Coach, I am great on the training and coaching side and I have come up with many programs and Online Masterminds.  Danna has been incredible to be strong on the daily social media follow up, creating the design of workbooks, incorporating my vision with her skill set.  She is a dynamite VA who truly has your business as her focus, to provide more ease and grace for you to do what you do best.

Erin Kreitz Shirey

Inspirator Coach & Personal Trainer, Inspirator Coaching and Fitness

I've been working with Danna for the last 3 months. It was the right fit right off the bat. I had a lot of work to do at the last minute before launching a program. She jumped right in, created beautiful graphics for me. Knew everything that needed to be done and took the lead. She kept me accountable and offered great suggestions along the way. She's great giving feedback how things can be improved and always reaching out when I need her to. So glad I hired her.

Steffani Fort LeFevour

My Happi Life, My Happi Life

Danna  is super efficient and was a valuable asset to the growth and sustainability of my business.  She has helped me with several clients social media and her attention to detail and ability to really learn somebody's brand is well above average.  Working with Danna you're going to get somebody who shows up every day and is dedicated to seeing you succeed. I can't thank Danna enough for all her work and was so grateful to have her as a part of my team and brand!

Emily Hirsh

Leading Online Strategist and Facebook Ad Manager, Emily Hirsh

Danna is the social media guru!  There's nothing she doesn't know about social media marketing.  She is definitely an expert at what she does.  She is a very efficient, reliable virtual assistant.  Not only been instrumental in helping me with my company but with my clients as well.    Danna has been a lifesaver and money-maker in regards to my business!

Michelle Stephenson

Multipreneur/Owner- PR & Marketing Consultant, VMS Communications

As a Dr. specializing in Medically Managed Weight loss for adults and children, I needed a virtual assistant to help with a variety of tasks and to develop my social media, create content and brand my business.   I was grateful to find Danna, who is dedicated and responsive, and keeps my administrative projects and social media moving forward.   Her quick responses to my requests keeps everything running smoothly.   Over time Danna has learned what my style and philosophy is, and her social media posts are honed to my brand.   She develops marketing materials for specific campaigns that are varied and are very professional.   She has taken a great deal off of my plate so I can focus on caring for patients and developing my business.   She is transparent about how she is spending her time, so I know exactly what I am paying for.   I would recommend Danna to anyone looking for a high end quality Virtual Assistant / Social Media Manager that can help them manage anything that is overwhelming them. Abby Bleistein

Physician, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, President, Healthful Life MD, PLLC

Danna is my right hand and Wolf Mountain Sanctuary depends on her skills and expertise.   She built and manages our website, handles all of our social media with astonishing results, does fundraising and answers our emails.   Danna does everything virtually, is extremely organized, is always ahead of our deadlines and a pleasure to work with.   I highly recommend her to help you manage/run your business. Tonya Carloni

Founder and Owner, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

While at Watson Pharmaceuticals, I worked with Danna in assisting to support the IT team. Danna is smart, creative and politically astute.  She was able to multi-task in a very fast paced environment.  I highly recommend Danna for a position with your business. Tim McDonald

Chairman, Board of Directors, Alexander Valley Healthcare

Danna is a hard working committed professional.  She has fantastic organizational skills and has a passion for her work.  She was excellent in her role as Database Administrator for our CA World conferences.  She has a very good feel for what works and what doesn’t, while at the same time being sensitive to the client’s needs.  She was always ready and willing to provide advice and guidance when necessary and is a true team player.  Working with Danna was a true pleasure. Doris Wilkerson

Principal, Business Analyst, CA, Inc.

Danna is very bright and learns new software applications, marketing concepts and processes quickly and easily.  She is also extremely well organized and has a good grasp of the level of detail needed to successfully manage projects and client accounts.  Danna is a hard worker who can be counted on to pull through on a tough job or deadline. Laura Deurmyer

Human Resources Specialist, TSA

In my years working with Danna I found her to be a diligent worker and very responsible.  She cared about her performance and her work product.  She was a great team member.  I would recommend her for future opportunities. Monte Harrick

Managing Director, Fulcrum Partners LLC