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AOI offers monthly support packages.

 Support Packages give you what you need to handle the day to day tasks for your business.  Packages offer different levels of service for each client.  This helps to set your budget as you know what your cost will be each month and what you will get.

All packages include:

Online business partnership, I think of your business
as if it was my business.

Tasks done within your deadlines.
Expertise and knowledge to perform flawlessly.

Private dashboard to assign tasks.
Effective communication.
Confidentiality and Work agreements.


Packages Starting at $600 per month


This package is for the high level Entrepreneur who is busy busy busy running an EMPIRE!  You need top notch services so you don’t need to worry about all the stuff behind the curtain.  You just want it running perfectly saving you precious time and money everyday!  You need an online professional to handle things you don’t need or want to touch so that you can concentrate on what you LOVE and so you can also have a life spending time with your family and friends.  This is such a High Level Package, I will only have one or two clients at this level.  I will be your right hand, with you every step of the way, giving you specialized Alpha One Support.

This package is for the mid level Entrepreneur who is on the way up and moving fast, BUT not ready for the Alpha Package yet.  You are successful and need more time to do what you really want to do, put most of your time into what YOU do best.  You need to know there is someone there that knows what they are doing.  A professional supporting you taking care of the day to day stuff that happens in your business.  You will get that hands on treatment with this package and know that everything is being handled for you. Up to 20 hours per week.

This package is perfect for someone who is invested in their business and is ready to take it to the next level.  You are ready to spend time on your business and stop doing the things that an online business professional can do for you.  I can add to your bottom line by taking day to day tasks off your plate by saving you time and money!  It is time to grow your business by doing the things YOU LOVE TO DO!  I will be supporting you and learning your business and suggesting ways I can help you by taking over things that you don’t need to spend your time on.  Up to 10 hours per week.

This package is perfect for someone who is new to outsourcing.  You are a bit overwhelmed but not sure what you need help with or how someone can take some of this stuff over for you.  You are becoming stressed and find yourself not wanting to do the little things, you would rather do the things that you are really good at and you have passion for.  We can chat and I can help you figure out what you can outsource to me to make your life more enjoyable so you can spend time on working on the things that you are best at.  Up to 5 hours per week.


Calendar / Schedule Management
CRM Updates / Maintenance
Data  /File Organization
Document Design
Document Formatting / Proofing and Editing
Email / Phone Support
Email Management
Invoicing and Billing
Reports, Presentations, Workbooks
Research, Data Entry
Spreadsheet Design / Management
Travel Coordination / Expense Reports

Business Management
Business Manuals
Client Customer Care
Document Organization / Management
Policies/Procedures Creation / Updating / Managing
Process / Procedure Creation
Project Management
Team / Client Management
Team Growth / Acquisition
Technology Tracking / Auditing / Management
Training Video Creation

Social Media/Marketing/Public Relations
Blog Creation / Management
Branded Image Design / Editing
Content Creation
Email Funnels / Newsletters
Event Set Up / Management
Flyers / Marketing Materials
Graphics for Social Media Sites
Launch Support
Media Kits
Newsletter Creation/Scheduling
Photo Editing
Press Releases
Social Media Engagement
Social Media Growth
Social Media Posting
Social Media Set Up
Video Creation / Editing
Webinar Support
Website Updates

Book your Consultation Call to discuss your needs.

Upon booking I will send you a Questionnaire that will give me an idea of where you are at in your business, your goals and the things you need help with. Next we will get on the phone and get acquainted and see if we will fit and work well together.   I can answer any questions you may have about my business and my skills.

After our Consultation Call, I will build a custom package based on your level of business and your needs and send it to you for your approval.  Upon your approval, we will sign a NDA and Contract to protect us both.

THEN I will give you the help you need so you can grow your business and revel in the fact that you will be able to do what you love again while I do the stuff that I excel in and save you time and money!

Book your Consultation Call to discuss your needs.

As a Dr. specializing in Medically Managed Weight loss for adults and children, I needed an administrative assistant to help with a variety of tasks and someone to develop my social media, create content and brand my business.   I was grateful to find Danna, who is dedicated and responsive, and keeps my administrative projects and social media moving forward.   Her quick responses to my requests keeps everything running smoothly.   Over time Danna has learned what my style and philosophy is, and her social media posts are honed to my brand.   She develops marketing materials for specific campaigns that are varied, and all have a professional appearance.   She has taken a great deal off of my plate so I can focus on caring for patients and developing my business.   She is  transparent about how she is spending her time, so I know exactly what I am paying for.   I would recommend Danna to anyone looking for a high end quality Virtual Assistant / Social Media Manager that can help them manage anything that is overwhelming them.

Abby Bleistein

Physician, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, President, Healthful Life MD, PLLC