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Are you overwhelmed with what to post on your social media platforms?
You have tons of evergreen images and posts you can use but they are in a million different places on your computer?

Create a “Social Media Bank” of all your stuff!

Getting organized is the key to all success in your business.   It is very helpful to do this for your social media marketing and it will make your life a whole lot easier and things run much smoother.  Anyone using social media should have a content calendar (more about that in a future post) and having all of your content organized will help you fill up that calendar for your automated posting.

Will this be easy to do?  No. 
Will it take a lot of time?  Yes. 
Will it be worth it in the long run? YES!

First you will need to gather all of your content.  This includes images, videos, text used for images, links, etc.

I am a Google drive person so my whole business is on my google drive and this is what I use.  

For my content I have a Social Media Folder for each year.  In that folder I have specific days I post things (M-F) and I have a blog post folder, a header/banner folder, etc.  You can break this down further and have a used folder and move the images to that one or you can create a new image (used/date) as well and put it there, whatever works for you and your business.  I personally go thru the series of images and then start over when they have all been used and move the redundant ones to an archived folder.

For the text used for the post, I have a google sheet and add the image next to it, so I know what goes with what.  You can also use Trello for this and make boards for each type of posting you do and include the text and the image.  Again, whatever works for you as we are all different.

The initial time you spend doing this will be big but it will make your posting process much smoother and take less time. You will have the image and the text needed all in one place and you will just need to plug it into your automation software by copying and pasting.

Think of all the time you will save by doing this and what you can do with it!

If you need help with this, yes, this is one of the services I offer to busy business owners!

To Your Success,